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Dates with the night:

2014-05-22 Amsterdam OT301 Subbacultcha! - w/ Soft Metals, Sally Dige - DJ set
2014-05-01 Amsterdam Paradiso Dark Allies No 9 - w/ Lebanon Hanover - DJ set
2014-04-26 Amsterdam Westermarkt Koningsdag - w/ Bas Kosters, Shirley Hart, Lupe Lambers a.o. - DJ set
2014-04-10 Amsterdam Melkweg w/ Anne Clark - DJ set
2014-04-03 Amsterdam Paradiso Dark Allies No 8 - w/ Minuit Machine, Dollkraut, Trish Trash - DJ set
2014-02-27 Amsterdam Paradiso Dark Allies No 7 - w/ Victim Victim, Spacemaker, Sid Idiopath, Lena FX - DJ set
2014-01-31 Amsterdam Melkweg Grauzone Festival 2014 - w/ Peter Hook (New Order), Chris & Cosey, Lydia Lunch, Cold Cave a.o. - DJ set
2014-01-30 Amsterdam Paradiso Dark Allies No 6 - w/ Sally Dige, Foom (Modern Witch), Trish Trash (Grauzone Festival), Troy Jay (Onderstroom) - DJ set

2013-12-26 Amsterdam Paradiso Dondergrondse Xmas Special - w/ Bird on the Wire, DJ Juju, Star Raiders - DJ set
2013-12-20 Amsterdam Club Roque Misbehave - w/ Monsieur Plastique a.o. - DJ set
2013-12-19 Amsterdam Paradiso Dondergrondse - w/ Trish Trash - DJ set
2013-11-30 Utrecht Le Bazarre Les Animaux Presents at Le Mini Who/Le Guess Who - w/ The Stress a.o. - DJ set
2013-11-21 Amsterdam Paradiso Dark Allies No 5 - w/ Kontravoid, Machinegewehr, Trish Trash - DJ set
2013-11-14 Brussels Fulmar 1913 Mad About Music Presents - w/ Kontravoid, Open City - live
2013-11-09 Amsterdam Meneer Malasch Indie Indie - w/ Black Marble, Weekend, Hunter Complex - DJ set
2013-11-08 Den Haag Paard van Troje Wired Festival - w/ Iceage, Black Marble, The KVB, Holly Herndon - DJ set
2013-10-31 Amsterdam Paradiso Dark Allies No 4 - w/ Crime, Voin, Trish Trash - DJ set
2013-10-30 Amsterdam OT301 Subbacultcha! - w/ Lust For Youth, Modern Witch - DJ set
2013-10-17 Amsterdam Vrankrijk Trish Trash Bookings Presents - w/ Automelodi, Teenangst - DJ set
2013-09-27 Den Haag TodaysArt - w/ Keluar, Phedre, Yes Pink Pink - DJ set
2013-09-26 Amsterdam Paradiso Dark Allies No 3 (Video Release After Party) w/ No Ceremony, The Stress - DJ set
2013-09-26 Amsterdam OT301 Eat Your Melancholy Video Release Party w/ Keluar - live
2013-09-11 Amsterdam Paradiso Noodlanding! w/ Trish Trash - DJ set
2013-08-23 Amsterdam Magneet Festival Poptrash w/ Sickboy - DJ set
2013-08-13 Amsterdam Vrankrijk Cold Cave w/ Cold Cave, Trish Trash, Narcisco - DJ set
2013-08-08 Amsterdam Paradiso Dark Allies No 2 w/ Dust, Alessandro Adriani, Trish Trash - DJ set
2013-08-01 Amsterdam Paradiso Dondergrondse w/ Indie Indie, The Daily Indie, Fuck Forever - DJ set
2013-06-13 Amsterdam Paradiso Dark Allies w/ Madmoizel, Coco Noir, Trish Trash - DJ set
2013-05-30 Amsterdam NYX Zebra Katz w/ Guerilla Speakerz, The G-Team - DJ set
2013-05-19 Amsterdam London Calling Tolhuistuin edition - DJ set
2013-04-27 Amsterdam Paradiso w/ Kill All Hipsters - DJ set
2013-04-26 Rotterdam Bar w/ Aad Spacemaker, David Vunk, Die Blondinen - DJ set
2013-04-13 Amsterdam Canvas Transvormers Festival w/ Les Animaux a.o. - DJ set
2013-04-12 Amsterdam Club Up Disco Total w/ Martin Duvall, Aroy Dee a.o. - DJ set
2013-03-16 Amsterdam Paradiso Kill All Hipsters Batcave w/ Trish Trash - DJ set
2013-02-23 Utrecht Ekko April Release Party w/ David Fagan (Rats on Rafts) - DJ set
2013-02-22 Rotterdam Bar w/ David Vunk, Aad Spacemaker - DJ set
2013-02-01 Amsterdam Melkweg Grauzone Festival w/ Trish Trash, Sid Idiopath, Martin Duvall a.o. - DJ set

2012-12-06 Rotterdam Roodkapje Cold Habit w/ Sally Dige, Trish Trash, Sid Idiopath a.o. - DJ set
2012-12-01 Utrecht Ekko Le Mini Who Subbacultcha! x Les Animaux stage w/ The Stress, Jeff Barbara a.o. - DJ set
2012-11-14 Amsterdam Club Up Poptrash w/ Sickboy, Santina Runaway - DJ set
2012-10-21 Amsterdam Vondelbunker Trick Mirror video release party w/ Machinegewehr & Manny Blitzer, Trish Trash a.o. - DJ set
2012-10-12 Amsterdam Sugar Factory Clap w/ Sickboy a.o. - DJ set
2012-09-14 Tilburg Incubate Festival Incendiary/Louder Than War stage w/ The Membranes a.o. - live
2012-08-10 Amsterdam Club Up Disco Total w/ Boris & Boris, Le Fumeur, Synthgloss, Fatima Supreme a.o. - DJ set
2012-06-20 Amsterdam OT301 Subbacultcha! w/ Light Asylum - live
2012-05-12 Amsterdam OT301 GAG w/ Monokino a.o. - DJ set
2012-04-27 Rotterdam Roodkapje Rot(t)t w/ The Secret Love Parade, Hollywood & Vine - live
2012-02-19 Utrecht Walden Vossenfeest w/ Body II Body, The Stress a.o. - DJ set
2011-11-26 Leiden LVC Rock N Rave w/ Infadels DJ's a.o. - live

Previously a.o.: Circolo Magnolia Festival Milan, White Trash Fast Food in Berlin, Shoreditch London, Amsterdam Fashion Week for Converse at the Westergas, with Vive la Fete at Effenaar Eindhoven and Patronaat Haarlem, Discocult at Sugar Factory Amsterdam, Haagse Popweek Finale at Paard van Troje, Ciccionina 2 Years Anniversary with Bas Kosters, Tivoli Utrecht for PDE, Cyberia and Club Rits, WORM Rotterdam and Impakt Festival Utrecht.

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Ravage! Ravage! - An original Dutch delicatesse, with yummy synths and beats

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