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Ravage! Ravage! live at RobotRock
Ravage! Ravage! live at Penis in Vagina
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RobotRock flyer

Penis in Vagina
  Put it in your MySpace and calendars: November 30th, RobotRock will grand Ravage! Ravage! an appearance on their Winston stage.

Aaand, to make the occassion even more attractive, Ravage! Ravage! affilliates Hasselhoff will play live as well. Or, as they would say,
"trash the place".


21:00 - 03:00

Winston, Warmoesstraat 131, Amsterdam
€ 5 after 21:30, € 2,50 before
RobotRock: Indie to dance to, electro to rock on.


Live at Penis in Vagina

October 27th had the honour of being the date of the first edition of Penis in Vagina, the one and only Dutch New Rave night.

Penis in Vagina, in turn, had the honour of welcoming an art performance of fashion designer Nieuw Jurk, and DJ sets by Snob DJs, Kill All Hipsters and DJ Trauma.
Plus, of course, the live debut of Ravage! Ravage! in A'dam.
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Penis in Vagina and Ravage! Ravage! in Het Parool

Ravage! Ravage! in Het Parool

Daily Dutch newspaper Het Parool devoted three pages of their art supplement to Penis in Vagina, including a fairly big photograph of yr Ravage! Ravage!, and dubbed Ravage! Ravage! “the musical leader of the new rave scene in Amsterdam”. (Now, one wonders...)
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in all its 2-page sprrread glory

Meanwhile, over at the Dutch music magazine OOR's office, an article on the new rave scene in general and the Penis in Vagina night specifically was duly written as well, mentioning the Ravage! Ravage! gig; “Een van de eerste new rave acts die op Penis In Vagina speelde is het Nederlandse Ravage! Ravage! De zelfbenoemde Lord of Indielektro gaf een spetterend optreden waarin hij goed gebruik maakte van zijn homo-erotische schaamteloosheid. Op 30 november treedt hij opnieuw op tijdens een andere Amsterdamse dansavond die zich op new rave richt: Robotrock.”
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Setlist: I want you to want me/Another lover/Join up for the New Young Pony Club/(It's the) Medication/Oh my beau gigolo

PS: Don't forget you've got a date tonight - with Ebony Bones, live at the second edition of Penis in Vagina. A worthy follow-up to Ravage! Ravage!, we reckon. More fun than you can shake a glowstick at, or whatever the English saying was.


Join Up For The New Young Pony Club

Join up for the New Young Pony Club sleeveA brand new Ravage! Ravage! song received its public première during Penis in Vagina, its name: "Join up for the New Young Pony Club". In which Ravage! Ravage! confesses he would like to join up for the... oooh just read the lyrics and download the demo:

Lou, Tahita, Sarah, ooh...!
Igor and Andy, I'm sorry, but no
You boys are about to lose your job
For I'm gonna join up
For the New Young Pony Club

I've never felt like joining a club
I always thought it meant giving yourself up
Until I read about the NYPC
Must have been in the NME, or the i-D

Whatever you said it really spoke to me
You Ponygirls et moi are meant to be
There is no way that I'm gonna stop
Until I've joined the New Young Pony Club
Oh no

I'm gonna get into the NYPC
I'm gonna go, gonna go and make you see
That there's just one guy who'll get you free
And that's me, yes that's me
I'm gonna give, gonna give you all my luck
I'm gonna give, gonna give you all my luck
Oh yeah


Yes, I must confess I also quite fancy CSS
But I would like to stress it's not all about gettin' in their dresses - neither 'Pony Club's nor CSS's
Although... I wouldn't exactly mind their flesh, rubbing against my flesh... but of course!

I'm gonna make your mouth run dry
And I'll never run out of juice supply

Lou, Tahita, Sarah, ooh...!
Lou, Tahita, Sarah, ooh...!

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Join Up For The New Young Pony Club

 PiVpIx - screenshots taken from videofootage made by Konrad Kowalczyk
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